T E R M S   &  C O N D I T I O N S


Design specifications

We do not offer major changes on designs from The Collection; only minor changes can be made. For example formatting changes (content changes) for the calligraphy and/or text. Changing the Font and/or ink color is not a minor change. Once you have selected the Font and ink color the design will be created with what you selected, any changes to the Font and/or ink color will incur a fee as this begins the entire design process again. If you are unsure of the Font style ask to see a sample.

 If you would like to make major changes to a design from The Collection send us an email for a custom quote.

Once you choose a design from The Collection 2 proofs are included before printing; this is where minor changes can be made, such as formatting changes & minor calligraphy changes. Any changes after this will incur a separate fee of $250.

Please carefully review your proofs for spelling/grammar errors, once approved printing will begin and we will not be able to make any additional edits without adding a separate fee.

Fonts are hand penned and will have their own unique style, no letter will be exactly the same which makes this art form so timeless and romantic. 


Custom Orders

Once the specific design notes from you have been collected I will create a design for you based on the collected notes. This is where some changes can be made, this includes change of wording, formatting, and some design/color changes. This does not include a completely new “theme” or style direction. For example if this was a floral designed invite, if you wanted to completely change the design to a Venue sketch this will be an additional fee of $275.

Please provide as much information as possible when choosing the custom option to ensure an accurate design for your order. Any major changes takes time and may delay the order.


Handmade papers/Envelopes

Handmade papers and envelopes are made by hand which means each sheet will have its own unique look, this may include slight color and/or texture differences, which is what gives the handmade look a more natural and romantic appearance.



We will show you digital proofs of your designs before printing, but this does not guarantee the exact color you see on your screen. Ordering a sample from The Collection will allow you to see the color in person before deciding on the color for your suite. Digitally printed ink will not be identical to the same color ink when hand penned. Hand penned ink will be brighter and bolder because this is the actual pigment, not ink from a printer cartridge. These slight differences allow for a more unique contrast in your suite, whereas everything the exact same color appears less natural which takes away from the old vintage feel we aspire to.


Production Time

Once your order is placed we will send you a follow up email where you will provide the information needed to create your suite and/or other item(s). 1-2 proofs are included; this includes minor text changes and minor calligraphy revisions. If additional revisions are needed this will incur a fee of $250-$275 per additional round.


Adding Embellishments

The timeline of your order will increase from 1-2 wks. by adding envelope addressing, envelope printing, ribbon/string assembling, wax seal stamping, and/or other embellishments. Hand penned envelope addressing will vary depending on the lengths of names, street information, and so forth. These difference are what makes calligraphy such a beautiful and unique piece of art.

Once the addressing information is given we will begin work on hand penning, please be sure the information you are sending is correct. Any changes will incur an additional fee and may require more time. 

We do not have control over the stock of our suppliers. Place your order as soon as possible to allow for possible delays in paper, envelope, ribbon, string, and/or wax seal production.


Pricing Details

Pricing on our website represents the full retail USD price and does not include shipping or postage. All prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing on customized orders will be determined based on the design and suite embellishments.


Shipping Details

All domestic orders are shipped via USPS and typically take 2-3 days for arrival, tracking is also included. International orders are shipped via USPS International and typically arrives between 6-10 days.  Once the order is shipped we are not responsible for any delays or the state of the package during the delivery process. We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to allow for possible delays.


Returns & Cancellations

Due to the handmade nature of our work they are non-refundable and not eligible for return, exchange, or cancellation. If there is an error on our part we will either reprint or provide credit. If there is an error on work approved by the client then there will be an additional fee for the extra service.

Once you place the order and the information of the order is given and begun, we will not be able to cancel your order. If the order has not been started then we can issue a refund minus a restocking fee for purchased supplies (envelopes, paper, etc).



The information that you provide on our website is never shared and is only used to communicate during your ordering process. We will never sell your information.